BBC环球慢速英语 第475期:交通事故(6)
日期:2019-06-10 13:48



It was as if our family had all died together ... I stopped working after my son's death. I do not have the heart to work. My husband stopped working for a month. He had difficulty teaching because he usually used to see our son's character in his students. He still has this difficulty ten years later. Special days are difficult for us. Christmas, birthdays, mother's day, and even going to the store ...
Since my son's death, I have been working for a group called "Fundacao Thiago Gonzaga."... Its main goal is to encourage road safety. I would like to say that crashes, injuries, and deaths are a preventable tragedy in Brazil. Everyone must be involved in changing this problem: educators, teachers, media and doctors... We hope to prevent pain and suffering like ours.
我儿子离世后,我一直在一个名为“Fundacao Thiago Gonzaga”的组织工作pqimFaC^8tXu(PWX。该组织的主要目标是鼓励道路安全U_Ea0*|bdE。我希望巴西能避免车祸和伤亡这种悲剧51%kJWWIjlEKAY。所有人都必须为改变这个问题出一份力:包括教育者、教师、媒体和医生在内……我们希望能避免我们一家感受到的痛苦和折磨%fcC-CcWsLR_@MbhPMxD



  • encouragevt. 鼓励,促进,支持
  • preventv. 预防,防止
  • preventableadj. 可预防的;可阻止的;可防止的