英语PK台(MP3+文本) 第811期: 国庆怎么过的? 烧烤聚会工作宅
日期:2018-10-11 17:43


Dialogue 1
Mark: Well, Jingjing, we're back to work for a full week. Did you do anything special during the holiday?
Jingjing: Actually, I did. You know those classmates of mine that I met just a couple weeks ago on Mid-Autumn Day?
Mark: I remember. Don't tell me you had hot pot again.
Jingjing: No. None of us wanted that so soon after last time.
Mark: So, what'd you end up doing?
Jingjing: Well, most days, I stayed home and caught up on work, and lots of housework.
Mark: What about your classmates—did they help with chores around the house?
Jingjing: Of course not! We went out. One of them had a car, and we all drove to a scenic area and had outdoor BBQ.
Mark: I'm envious. BBQ is one of my favorite ways to eat. But you don't strike me as a carnivore.
Jingjing: I'm certainly not a vegetarian. But I went easy on the meat this time. That was hard to do because there was so much of it.
Mark: Did your friends order too much?
Jingjing: Kind of. It was one of those places where you go get the raw meat from a buffet and then BBQ it on a grill near your table.
Mark: That sounds like quite the cook-out.
Jingjing: Yeah, we were there for several hours. My clothes smelled like smoke; and I couldn't get the smell out of my hair until the next day.
Mark: Haha. That's BBQ. Well, it was a good way to spend the holiday with friends.
Jingjing: Yeah, we had a ton of fun.

New words : 习语短语
envious 羡慕的
wanting something someone else has, a little mad at them because you don't have it
don't strike me as 你看上去不像一个……
You/She/He doesn't seem to be the a ____.
carnivore 肉食动物
a meat-eater (This word is used in biology, along with herbivore and omnivore, to describe the diet of different species.)
vegetarian 素食者
someone who doesn't eat any meat
Dialogue 2
Jingjing: So, Mark, how did you spend your holiday?
Mark: Like you, I spend a lot of time catching up on work—almost the whole time. But the weather was so nice that my wife and I insisted on going for a hike one day.
Jingjing: Ha ha. Why am I not surprised? Did you go to the same place as last time?
Mark: You know me. I love hiking. But, no, we tried another mountain. We didn't want to go very far, because of all the traffic.
Jingjing: Yeah, I know. I saw a video of someone who went on a scenic drive; but the only scenery he saw was a big traffic jam.
Mark: Oh, was that the one where he said he'd rather be in his office?
Jingjing: Yeah. Videos like that were reposted a lot during the holiday. Anyway, tell me more about your hike.
Mark: We got up to the top in two hours. It took us another hour to get down. So, we had plenty of time to eat.
Jingjing: Did you have BBQ also?
Mark: Nah. There was a BBQ place, but it was too smoky, and had a big group that was making lots of noise. So, we went to a neighboring restaurant and had farm-fresh food.
Jingjing: Wait a second. What's the name of the mountain you climbed?
Mark: Pheonix Mountain—why?
Jingjing: No way! That's where I was with my friends.
Mark: Huh? You were the group making so much noise?
Jingjing: We were a bit noisy at times. You should have recognized me and come over to say hi.
Mark: Sorry! My stomach was about to cave in.
Jingjing: No worries.

New words : 习语短语
Why am I not surprised? 果然不出我所料!我毫不意外
This is used to express that someone has done something they would usually do, and it is something that not everyone does.
reposted 转发,转载
when someone posts content on social media, but it is not what they created on their own
My stomach was about to cave in. 极其饿,肚子饿扁了
I was totally hungry.

  • striken. 罢工,打击,殴打 v. 打,撞,罢工,划燃
  • socialadj. 社会的,社交的 n. 社交聚会
  • speciesn. (单复同)物种,种类
  • sceneryn. 布景,风景,背景
  • enviousadj. 嫉妒的 adj. [古]好胜的,羡慕的
  • grilln. 烤架,铁格子,烧烤(食物) vt. (在烤架上)烤
  • describevt. 描述,画(尤指几何图形),说成