英语PK台(MP3+文本) 第756期:天了噜 教你做红烧肉
日期:2018-07-12 16:35


Dialogue 1
Mark: Hi Jingjing. Did I bring the right stuff?
马克:嗨! 京晶。我把原料都带对了吗?
Jingjing: Let's see: green onions, cooking wine, dark vinegar. Yeah, I think those are all the things I need but don't have.
Mark: You have the meat already, right?
Jingjing: Yes, I bought it fresh this morning. Oh, let me run to the kitchen and take it out of the pot. It was only supposed to boil for one minute.
Mark: Ok, so catch me up here. What have you done so far?
Jingjing: Well, I just cut the pork belly into cubes and boiled them for a little while. Now I'm draining the water off and heating this pan to sauté the pork.
Mark: I thought it had to be cooked on a really high heat.
Jingjing: No, just enough to sear the juices in. You don't want to brown it or burn it. I'm adding a little salt and chili here, as well as a few Sichuan peppercorns.
京晶:不 。只需热到轻煎不要让汁液浸出就行,你可不想把它烧焦了。我在这里加了一点盐和辣椒,以及一些四川花椒。
Mark: And later you'll transfer it to that clay pot there, I bet.
Jingjing: Exactly. That's why I have the empty pot over a tiny flame.
Mark: Timing is everything.
Jingjing: You said it. Help me to empty this into the clay pot, will you?
Mark: Sure. Want me to wash the pan now?
Jingjing: No. Set it back down over the bigger flame. I'm going to use the remaining oil to make a brown sugar sauce.
Mark: I guess you'll want this brown sugar.
Jingjing: Thanks. Once this starts to sizzle, I'm going to add a drop or two of that dark vinegar. So, get the bottle open for me, will you?
Mark: Sure.

New words : 习语短语
boil 水煮熟
cook something in very hot water catch me up describe what you've done so far
drain 滤掉水
keep solid ingredients but get rid of the liquid
sauté 轻炒,轻煎
fry something on a low or medium heat
sear 高温使外部烧焦
cook something on a high heat, so that the outer surface makes a seal
brown 烤焦
overheat something so that it turns brown (still edible)
burn 烤焦
overheat something so that it turns black
transfer A to B 把A挪到B处
take something out of one pot and put it into another pot (or serving dish) (more often used for one part of a dish while still cooking)
empty A into B 把A清空放到B
take something out of one pot and put it into another pot (or serving dish) (more often used for mixed ingredients or soup)
sizzle 嘶嘶作响
food cooking in oil at a high enough heat to make a sound

Dialogue 2
Jingjing: Ok, here goes the sauce into the clay pot. Just in time. The pork at the bottom would have started to stick in another minute. Now, where'd I put the cover.
Mark: Is this it?
Jingjing: Yes. Gimmie. Ok. Now we have plenty of time. Since I have two chopping boards, would you use this one to cut the ginger into slices. Once your done, throw it right into the pot.
Mark: You got it.
Jingjing: Where's the cooking wine you brought.
Mark: I put it to the left of the stove. The bottle's open already.
Jingjing: Good thinking. Ready with that ginger.
Mark: Uh, yeah, if these slices are enough.
Jingjing: I'll just use half of them. Take the cover off the pot. I'll add, first the cooking wine, there; now the ginger; and, finally, these green onions.
Mark: Are you going to add anything else?
Jingjing: You know what? While we have the pot open, let me drop a little soy sauce in there.
Mark: It smells great. How long do we have to wait before eating?
Jingjing: Um, 45 minutes. It should be ready in about 20.
Mark: I can wait 45 minutes. How about we watch some FIFA highlights I downloaded? I brought my iPad with me.
Jingjing: Why don't you try plugging it into my TV set. I'll take care of these dishes and join you in the living room in 5 minutes.
Mark: It's your TV. I don't wanna break it. Let me do the dishes.
Jingjing: Ok, great. Grab a drink from the fridge on your way to the living room later.

New words : 习语短语
pork belly 五花肉
oil 油
salt 盐
chili 辣椒
(red, spicy pepper can usually be called “chili”, unless it has a distinctive flavor—as with chipotle) (simply calling something “pepper”, in British and American English, makes people think of black
pepper 黑椒)
Sichuan peppercorns 花椒
brown sugar 红糖
ginger 姜
cooking wine 料酒
dark vinegar 老醋
soy sauce 酱油
green onions 小葱
Chinese onions 大葱

  • flavorn. 滋味,香料,风格 vt. 加味于
  • ediblen. 食品,食物 adj. 可食用的
  • mediumn. 媒体,方法,媒介 adj. 适中的,中等的
  • minutesn. 会议记录,(复数)分钟
  • kitchenn. 厨房,(全套)炊具,灶间
  • describevt. 描述,画(尤指几何图形),说成
  • flamen. 火焰,热情 v. 燃烧,面红,爆发 n. 情
  • stoven. 炉子,火炉窑;烘房;【主英】温室
  • clayn. 粘土,泥土 n. (人的)肉体
  • transfern. 迁移,移动,换车 v. 转移,调转,调任