BBC环球慢速英语 第331期:2007年世界粮食日(4)
日期:2018-07-09 13:37



Voice 2: Small projects like these are called, 'microprojects'. Telefood has helped set up over one thousand microprojects around the world. Many of the projects are aimed at women. Supporting women is one of TeleFood's major aims. The group says that in far out, poor, areas, women are the main providers of food. If women have money, they will use much of it to buy food for their families. Meet some more of the women Telefood has supported.
Voice 1: Edit works in her local market. She is one of a group of women who sell fish in Burkina Faso, West Africa. It can get very hot in Edit's hometown of Ouagadougou. During the dry season, temperatures reach up to forty or fifty degrees. The heat makes conditions difficult for Edit and the other fish sellers. They struggle to keep their fish fresh. But if it is not fresh, people do not want to buy it. So the women have to sell their fish at reduced prices. Then they do not have a good amount of money to take home to their families. However, now their situation has improved. Telefood gave money to the women in Ouagadougou to buy some ice boxes, and it provided freezers. Edit and her friends can now freeze their fish, and carry it in these boxes. This means people can buy the freshest fish possible. And fewer fish are left as waste at the end of the day.