英语PK台(MP3+文本) 第697期:学英语可以听的国外电台
日期:2018-04-12 09:23


Dialogue 1

Mark: Jingjing, have you been keeping up with the news recently?
Jingjing: I like to think so. I listen to NPR almost every morning.
Mark: National Public Radio? That's where I get my news also.
Jingjing: Yeah, I find out about stories when they're broadcast on NPR. Then I read more about them online.
Mark: NPR is a good place to get news topics. Don't you think it's a little too focused on American news, though?
Jingjing: That goes for any national news outlet from any country. BBC might seem to have more international coverage; but sometimes their broadcasts have nothing to do with recent news. Anyway, I like NPR's style.
Mark: How's that?
Jingjing: Well, no issue is one-sided. Usually, there's an argument over how the issue should be handled. Even if it's something that doesn't affect me, like American immigration, I like to hear arguments about it.
Mark: What's your favorite show?
Jingjing: I like On Point, because each show starts with an important question about how to make the future better.
京晶:我喜欢On Point,因为每个节目都是以一个重要的问题开场:如何让未来变得更好。
Mark: I like that show also. My favorite is the Indicator, though. I usually catch that on the podcasts.
马克:我也喜欢那个节目。可我最喜欢的是Indicator. 我通常是在播客上听。
Jingjing: Yeah, I have the NPR One app on my phone. I'll tune in to the Indicator next time I'm listening.
京晶:是的,我有NPR One的手机软件,下次我听节目的时候也听听Indicator.
Mark: OK, don't miss anything at Beijing Radio International, though.
Jingjing: Of course not!

New words:习语短语

one-sided (adj) (观点态度等)偏向一方的
offering only one opinion, rather than debate or alternate sets of facts
podcast 播客
(noun) an audio recording, usually pretty short, that can be listened to online anytime
app 手机应用
(noun) short for application—software on your smartphone (note English pronunciation)


Dialogue 2

Mark: I asked you about radio news earlier. Do you listen to the radio for music also?
Jingjing: I sure do! You know, I used to host a radio show about music.
Mark: Yeah, so I was wondering how you caught wind of new artists.
Jingjing: Actually, I do most of my listening on apps. That way, I can easily find the songs I like.
Mark: Those are pretty good. They don't do much to introduce new artists and songs, though.
Jingjing: No, not really—just the most popular hits. Do you have a recommendation?
Mark: Well, there's one I listen to. I'm not sure you'd like it.
Jingjing: Give me the name, and if it's free of charge, I'll give it a whirl.
Mark: Sure. This one's listener-supported. So, like with NPR, you don't have to pay for it or listen to advertisements.
Jingjing: That sounds ideal. Don't forget to tell me what it's called.
Mark: Radio Paradise. They have a website and an app. Just tap the listen button and get started. They choose all the songs for you, just like broadcast radio.
Jingjing: What genre do they play?
Mark: All, kinds, but a little heavy on classic rock. That's why I thought you might not like it.
Jingjing: I like classic rock. I'll check it out.

New words:习语短语

catch wind of something 找出关于某个事件更多的信息
(phrasal verb) find out about something, especially an event
give it a whirl 尝试,试一试
give it a try
tap 点击
select something on the screen of your smartphone (rather than "click" which would be with a mouse on a PC)